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Even when you invest time in regularly cleaning your home, there just comes a point when your carpets and furniture require a deep clean, and this is where top-quality steam cleaning services like Kleana can help. Having been in the property management space for over a decade, the team at Kleana know better than most how important it is to use an upholstery steam cleaning service when it comes to the end-of-lease cleaning process to get your space looking brand new.

Over time, carpets and upholstery gather dust and dirt that regular cleaning products can’t tackle adequately. However, with the correct cleaning products, specialist equipment and the right skills, a professional steam cleaning service can get the job done to a standard where you can guarantee that 99% of hidden dirt and bacteria are eliminated, leaving landlords and agents with no reason to complain.

Using quality products and top-tier industry equipment, Kleana’s carpet steam cleaning services will ensure that the property is left looking like no one has even lived there, which is bound to impress your property agent or landlord. This in turn is likely to increase the likelihood of getting your security deposit returned in full.

Impress With Kleana’s Broader Service Range

Kleana isn’t only a leader when it comes to steam and carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We also offer a complete range of cleaning and home maintenance packages, both indoor and outdoor, including garden services. Our full service range also includes those jobs that are difficult or easy to overlook, like gutter cleaning. We also take care of those jobs that can be a little dangerous, like roof cleaning. Further, we have options for properties where major works have been completed, including rubbish removal. In fact, we even have a builder’s clean service that will get rid of all the dust and grime left behind, so you can truly enjoy your new space or get it on the market looking its best. We really do it all at Kleana.

Why Our Customers Choose Kleana Every Time

Don’t believe that Kleana offers the best steam cleaning in Melbourne? You just have to look at our repeat customers and client testimonials to see that we are the best at what we do.

Not only does Kleana provide great steam carpet steam cleaning packages, but we also offer a whole host of additional services to maximise your end-of-lease clean. What’s more, our services are affordable and always excellent, which is why our customers feel confident choosing us every time they move or need a deep clean, knowing they’re getting their money’s worth.

Our friendly team has a wealth of experience when it comes to the intricate nature of the cleaning, which is why you can expect a high-quality service when you choose Kleana. Finally, our state-of-the-art online booking infrastructure makes booking steam carpet cleaning or other cleaning services in Melbourne child’s play.

In short, if you are looking to steam clean carpets in Melbourne, Kleana is on hand to ensure the job is done to the highest standard, so you can walk away with your full bond intact.

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Whether it’s carpet or couch steam cleaning in Melbourne that you’re after, you can always rely on Kleana. Book your steam clean today!

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“You’ve made my life a whole lot easier and I got my whole bond back! Great company and great service. Would highly recommend.”

Neil MBrunswick

“Really friendly team and pristine cleaning! Love working with Kleana.”

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